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You’ll have a place to work.

 We believe startups learn more when they work side by side.
Working with peers is the best part of 420PEACHTREE

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Starting a company is solitary and challenging.

Working with other people going who have gone through the same challenges makes a huge difference.



 You’ll get access to a network of cannabis industry mentors, and our staff, who will give you guidance when you need it the most.

We’ve built cannabis startups before. We’ll make sure you don’t make the same mistakes we did.



420PEACHTREE brings in a wide variety of experts focused on marketing,  culture, startup accounting, product design, mobile, user testing,  sales, and more.

It’s like a Startup MBA on steroids.

Hands-on Support


Startups live (some too literally) in our office for four months.

We’ll work together on your business and product strategy, growth and metrics, and investor pitches.



Thanks to our massive network, startups build relationships and  partnerships that wouldn’t be possible at their size without 420PEACHTREE

Need an introduction to a buyer or investor? Early access to a new markets ?  Need roadblocks removed? Stuck on something? We have connections.



Being a 420PEACHTREE Startups company will validate your business, and our  network will help you connect with investors when the time is right.

Our Demo Day is also a great opportunity to meet and pitch people are ready to invest $$$



“My state is expanding or implementing a cannabis program. What can I  do now to properly prepare and position myself to obtain one of the  licenses?”

As soon as a ballot initiative or legislative bill begins to gain  momentum, interested parties reach out for guidance. While each state’s  program is different, there are steps you can take, even before a  program is defined, to establish a foundation on which your eventual  application effort will be built.

Step #1:  Educate Yourself

Learn as much as possible about the potential program. Whether your  state is implementing its first limited medical marijuana program or  expanding to an adult use program, you need to become an expert.

Read the pending legislation or ballot initiative. If there is an  existing program, learn as much as you can about the existing  regulations.

Step #2:  Become an Industry Advocate

Given the history of cannabis in the US, it’s not always easy to step  forward as an industry advocate, especially in states implementing  their first program.

Once you begin talking openly about your intent, you’ll be surprised  how many of your friends and family members are supportive and equally  surprised at the ferocity of those opposed.

In any case, your advocacy will provide multiple benefits towards  your efforts. First, you will be on the front lines helping to build  support for the program. Secondly, you will meet like-minded people that  may become team members or supporters of your efforts.

Step #3:  Identify your Goals

The cannabis industry can be broken down into three primary business  functions: 1-Cultivation, 2-Manufacturing and 3-Retail Sales.

Many states break down the licensing even further adding licenses for  distribution, transportation and delivery. What licenses you pursue may  be dictated by your state’s program. Some states only issue vertical  licenses which allow business to cultivate, manufacture and retail their  products. Other states prohibit entities from being vertically  integrated.

In any case, each business function is different. You will need to  identify your resources and where your passion lies and proceed  accordingly.

Step #4:  Start your Business Planning

Like any other business, a vision will only take you so far. At some  point you will need a well written business plan with detailed financial  modeling to make your vision a reality.

The business plan is probably the one concrete item entities can begin assembling early on.

A good business plan can help you recruit business partners, secure  local support, secure a location and begin pursuing investors.  And  ultimately, the business plan will become the focal point of your  application materials.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about getting  started.  At 420PEACHTREE, we’re not just experts, we’re also industry  advocates who can help you take the first steps towards building a  strong cannabis business.


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